90 Days to more PEACE and Productivity

Can we just jump right in and get personal?

Are you tired of checking things off your to-do list, but not feeling like you're really even getting anything done? Or maybe you're checking things off, but they're not the “right” things.  

You have a solid vision with your plan all mapped out. You’re going to change the world! Okay, well maybe not, but you’re determined to make an impact somewhere.  

You’re super busy and feeling important (you wear that busy “badge of honor” well, my friend), but the needle isn’t moving - in your business or in your life. You’re wondering, “Why am I not further along? I’m doing all the ‘right’ things.”  

Perhaps you're the kind of person that creates a list after the fact, just so you can check things off (make list - check!). I bet it's also safe to say that most of the things on your list probably don't have anything to do with you. Oooh, did I hit a nerve there? Yeah, ouch!

I’m Pamela Zimmer, and trust me, I’ve been there.  

I don't mean to imply that the things on your to-do list don't involve you at all. I'm sure there are plenty of meetings (be it that new corporate client or the PTA), errands driving all over town and back again, or sending off the get-well card to Aunt Edith after she broke her hip (which reminds me - don't forget to sign up for the meal train at work). You get the idea... I hope.  

None of those things are bad things. In fact they're all very admirable and responsible. I mean, of course you have to bake a casserole for the new parents in the office (you know first-hand how hard it can be). And a life without meetings at all, well that's just a tad bit absurd and unrealistic.  

Here's my point: What do you have on your to-do list that is something FOR you? Not something you get to do for somebody else. Not just something involving you and another person or group. Just something FOR YOU. You and you alone. Think hard... is there anything? 

I know what you're feeling!

I know the feeling of being so busy and consumed with everyone and everything else there is barely any time for you. You can hardly spare two minutes to run to the bathroom, let alone take an afternoon off, or dare I say, an entire day?! Gasp! I know, I said it.  

I also know the feeling of being so busy doing the “right” things for your business (and your life) that you start neglecting the core of it all - YOU.  

You know that saying: “You cannot pour from an empty cup”? That was my life about ten years ago.

Here's where I get personal with you...

It all started when I was a successful Architect, with a brand new baby boy, a wonderful husband and a life I thought was perfect. Fast forward a couple of years to now expecting our second son. I didn’t want to go back to the hustle, long hours, and stress of my architecture business.  

I threw myself into being a stay-at-home mom with a passion. Trying to be everything to everybody.  

I was always concerned with being perfect: making the perfect dinner in my perfectly clean home where my perfectly well-mannered children would color the perfect picture while my husband and I spend the evening planning our perfect family vacation.  

It was exhausting, unhealthy and unattainable.  

Nowhere in any of my scenarios was I taking care of myself. What made it worse, compounding the struggle of unrealistically trying to be “perfect mom”, was the struggle I was also facing battling severe Postpartum Depression.  

I distinctly recall my rock-bottom moment. I call it my 3am story.  

It was, you guessed it, three o’clock in the morning and I was nursing our son in the dark of our master bedroom. Only a small glow from the nightlight next to me lit the chair and footrest. It was no different than any other middle-of-the-night feeding, except I felt a rush come over me and then a sharp pain in my chest. It startled me. It frightened me. It paralyzed me with fear. I thought I was having a heart attack. I finished the “job” of nursing and quietly returned both he and I to bed, not saying a word.  

In the morning, still silent about the incident, I went to the over-trusted Dr. Google. What I found and read was astonishing - shocking, really. But I still remained silent.  

Three whole days passed before I finally let the words come out of my mouth. By this time the guilt, shame and countless other emotions were so strong it was all I could do to muster the courage and energy to seek help.  

The call I made to my doctor was the hardest phone call I have ever had to make, but it was the one phone call that literally saved my life.  

That phone call changed the trajectory of everything. It was the catalyst to me finding out who I was again, rediscovering the Pamela that had gotten lost somewhere along the way, and learning how to take care of myself on a whole new level.  

The Gift in Ugly Wrapping.

My six year battle with Postpartum Depression is WHY I do what I do. It’s WHY I’m so passionate about helping others learn to put themselves first, to practice self-care, and to quit being so busy they “don’t have time” for themselves.  

So when I say I understand how you’re feeling, how busy you are (perhaps even legitimately), I get it. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re drowning because life is just happening too fast, or you have too much to do and can’t say no, and everybody needs you, and you’re last on your list if you’re even on there at all.  

I KNOW what you’re feeling and thinking.  

I might not have had the same exact circumstance or situation as you, but the feelings are universal.  

The beauty in all of this is that from my pain, I found my purpose. I poured myself into getting better. I focused on my healing and made myself my only priority - yes, even before the kids! And trust me, there was a LOT of guilt I had to work through.  

I set out to learn all I could about self-care and how I could use my experience and new-found knowledge to help others. I invested in myself and my ideas, hired coaches and business mentors, and attended countless classes, seminars and retreats - all so I could take my struggle and turn it into my gift.  

I’ve done just that. And now I’m ready - not just ready, but excited! - to share my gift with you. 


Practicing self-care in all that it is brings peace. Combine that with being productive, and my friend, you will be unstoppable! Now I’m not talking about self-care merely as a monthly massage or weekly workout. Oh no, it’s waaaaay more than just that. And I think by now we can all agree that being busy just for the sake of being busy is a surefire recipe for disaster.  

What I’m talking about is deep, core level self-care, the kind that gives you goosebumps because it’s just THAT good! And productivity, well have I got some secrets to share with you about that too!

Here's the gift for you...

I’ve compiled my proven systems, strategies and tools into a simple 90-day hybrid program. There’s structure and logic to what I will teach you (this is the Architect in me), and there’s also my vulnerable authenticity and open heart (that’s the Mom in me).  

My promise to you is that I will teach you everything I know in the realm of this program. I will offer support, guidance, and accountability. I’m going to pour into you so your cup overflows, and teach you how to do it for yourself too. Most importantly, I promise that by the end of the 90 days you will experience a sense of peace like never before.  

Isn’t that all any of us truly want? When your head hits the pillow at night, to know that you did the best you could, you were the best version of you, and the peace you feel is fully deserved and replicatable.  

I’m no sandman, but I DO know that when my days are filled with peace of mind my nights are more restful too. Waking up feeling more rested puts me ahead in the game of productivity… which affects peace of mind… and here we go! Don’t you want that?  

This program isn’t for everyone, however. If you’re quite content running yourself ragged like a chicken with it’s head cut off, well then, I wish you the best. Good luck!  

BUT, if you’re ready to break-up with busy, if you’re searching and craving for a way to up-level your business and life, if you’re someone who is ready to make a real change - committed to creating peace and finding a lasting transformation - then I’d love to have you join me! 

Are you ready for more PEACE and Productivity? 

Let's get started!

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Here's what I'll be teaching...

Weeks 1-2  

What is Self-Care? Like, really...

You've heard the phrase. It's everywhere you turn these days. Self-Care this, Self-Care that. In these first two weeks we'll look at what Self-Care really is - because it's not just what you think! - and why it's absolutely ESSENTIAL.

Weeks 3-4  

The 5 P's of Productivity

Tired of scrambling all day long, too busy running around, putting out fires, dipping your toes into "important" projects but never really getting anything done? Yep, I've been there too! Let's stop the crazy and exchange Busy for Productive...

Weeks 5-6  

How do you Experience your life?

We've all done it - driven to our destination and wondered "how did I get here?" Being aware, present and engaged in your life is easier said than done. Fear not! I've got specific tools and strategies to help so you can truly stop and smell the roses.

Weeks 7-8  

Alignment feels GOOD!

That crink in your neck, the twitch in your eye, the pounding headache every time you go to that one meeting... your body is trying to tell you something. Listen. You've got choices to make, and it's okay to make a new one!

Weeks 9-10  

It's time to Celebrate!

Break out the bubbly and claim your crown. You're the guest of honor! Whether you actually throw yourself a party or simply meditate in gratitude - we're going to acknowledge and celebrate your wins (big and small).

Weeks 11-12  

To Embody is to Become.

You can become the superhero in your own story. Dream it, believe it, be it. Express who you are from the core of your being out into the world. You've got a mission to accomplish, so go ahead, throw the cape on!

WOW! This is great! How does all of this work?

Over the course of 90 days you will get...

  • Live Coaching and Q&A Calls every 2 weeks on ZOOM - these are LIVE group sessions  

Value = $600

  • Video Trainings 6 trainings delivered right to your email - learn on your schedule  

Value = $300

  • Private Facebook Group daily access to ME and the community for support and feedback

Value = Priceless!

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  • 2 Private 30 min Coaching Calls With Me (we will assess then create your personalized self-care roadmap)  

Value = $500

*Group Program plus 1:1 Private Coaching... 

  • 12 weekly, laser-focused private coaching calls  

Value = $1200


  • Make Room For You Toolkit™ 30 Days of Affirmations pdf download (start each day right) 10 Minute Guided Breathing Meditation mp3 download (slow down and relax) 5 Secrets For Handling Life's Curveballs reusable checklist (because life always "happens") 

Value = $500 

  • “Redefining Mom - Permission to Break The Rules” 16 expert interviews (audio recordings, .pdf transcripts & action sheets)

Value = $1600

Total ADDED VALUE = over $3,000!!!

  • 1:1 private calls - $1200
  • Extra bonuses - $2100

***You get EVERYTHING for only $500 more!***

This program is the best of all my experience and knowledge. It is what I have been waiting to teach, and I can't wait to get started with you!!! Don't wait to enroll, save your spot today and let's get this party started!

Are you ready for more PEACE and Productivity? 

Let's get started!

Pay in FULL $497 

Pay in FULL $997 

3-Pay $197 

3-Pay $392 

*You can add 1:1 Private Coaching to your group program package! 

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Here's what others are saying...

"Before this course, I was a disaster. Learning from this course, I’ve learned how to organize my thoughts, organize my priorities, organize self-care. I no longer feel like I’m a disaster. Pamela’s self care approach is powerful, yet simple to do and understand. Loooooooove this program and would love to go through it again and again." 

— Laura Spragg, Speaker / Host / Coach / Musician at Life in Purple

"Pamela’s course was a game changer for me. Her strategies are as surprising as they are effective. I’m pretty good at self-care, but she takes things to a whole new level. As a result of taking her course, I gave myself permission to invest in my self-care in a way I’d wanted to for years, but had never done. I bought myself a really good quality treadmill! And after using it regularly, I feel more energy and less frustration with life than I have in years. And I hear her encouraging voice in my head whenever I’m tempted to skip it for things that seem more urgent."

— Holly Doherty, The Confidence Coach

"Hiring Pamela has been one of the best investments I have ever made for my business. If you want CEO level results, you need CEO level peace and productivity. Pamela’s zone of genius is helping YOU get into and stay in your zone of genius. Hire her now if you want to get back in the driver’s seat of your business...and your life!"

— Dr. Erin Oksol, Psychologist and Founder of Massive Business Success Coaching

"Before this course, I didn’t prioritize my self-care. I knew I needed to be doing it. I knew it was an element that was really lacking in my day-to-day life. After this course I have realized I have naturally integrated a couple of things that I’m just doing. In the process, my loved ones have understood that that’s what I’m doing, so there’s no question about my needs, for whatever it happens to be. That’s huge!"

— Marcia O'Malley, Mindful Media Services

Are you ready for more PEACE and Productivity? 

Let's get started!

Pay in FULL $497 

Pay in FULL $997 

3-Pay $197 

3-Pay $392