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Meet Pamela.

Pamela Zimmer lives in Reno, NV with her husband Will and their two boys, Zackery and Brayden. After thirteen years as an architect, Pamela quit her career for motherhood. Postpartum depression and bankruptcy turned her life upside down, but also showed her a new possibility. Out of her pain came her purpose, leading her to the work she does now as Your Self-Care Concierge, an international speaker, retreat host, coach and 7x bestselling author.

A few years ago Pamela discovered network marketing as another avenue for growth and income, despite always being the one to swear she would never join a company. She has found her family here with APLGO, quickly became a top leader and is now a Corporate Director. She loves the relationships, the community, the people she gets to help, and of course the amazing products! Pamela has a strong faith, a strong family-first mindset, and will be the first to tell you self care isn’t selfish, it’s essential!